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“Today is the Day”

We’ve been eagerly waiting for this wedding day since the day we heard the news that Carl + Ashley would be getting married.  Mark has known Carl all of his life and from the minute we met Ashley we could tell they were perfect for each other.  There wedding day was full of love and joy, and it meant so much for us to be a part it.  Here’s a few of our favourites from their first look and their ceremony and reception in royal blue and gold at The Secret Garden, although to tell you the truth it was difficult to choose just a few!  Elizabeth + Mark

P.S.  A link to the PHOTOBOOTH will be up on our Facebook page soon.

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Their Story: Ashley and Carl met in the spring of 2010, however they had been in one another’s lives so much longer than that, going to the same elementary school and high school without knowing it.  Carl got up the courage to ask Ashley one day at the coffee shop where she worked at the time.  She said yes, and the rest is history. Four years after they met Carl planned a date to take Ashley ice skating at an outdoor skating ring. Carl got down on one knee while the snow fell around them and asked Ashley to marry him. When you ask them “Why does your relationship work?” they always say: “Because we always value each other. Long distance relationships can be hard but our love for each other is stronger than distance.”


Ashley’s hair by Rachel at the Onyx Styling Room Salon in Mission.

Sarah + Brandon

Concept and bouquets: Vintagelizy

Photography: White Album Weddings

Hair and Makeup: Felicia Bromba – Makeup Artist

Accessories and Shoes: Champagne & Lace

Swag: Floral Design By Lili

Candy Bar: Sweet Events

Nails: CML-Creations

Cupcakes: Haley’s Cakes




000140-white-album-weddings-vintagelizy-styled-chapel000088-white-album-weddings-vintagelizy-styled-chapel000201-white-album-weddings-vintagelizy-styled-chapel000042-white-album-weddings-vintagelizy-styled-chapel000250-white-album-weddings-vintagelizy-styled-chapel000263-white-album-weddings-vintagelizy-styled-chapel000285-white-album-weddings-vintagelizy-styled-chapel000155-white-album-weddings-vintagelizy-styled-chapel000227-white-album-weddings-vintagelizy-styled-chapel CREDITS000005-white-album-weddings-vintagelizy-styled-chapel000105-white-album-weddings-vintagelizy-styled-chapel000145-white-album-weddings-vintagelizy-styled-chapel000031-white-album-weddings-vintagelizy-styled-chapel

This styled shoot was dreamed up by Karlene of Vintage Lizy, a tea girl at heart and a vintage fanatic. The concept was birthed and inspired as she scavanged through crates of antique silver tea-sets, candle arbors and silverware so beautiful, you couldn’t help but imagine the original owner’s life story. The vision was simple: a tea party that played on the imagination; whimsical with accents of a grown-up fairy tale.  Along with a team of wedding creatives a teacup hair fascinator with a eucalyptus saucer was fashioned for a touch of whimsy. The bride, Sarah, was glamoured up in rich pink eye and lip colors by makeup and hair artist Felicia Bromba and nails by CML-Creations. In keeping with the theme there was raspberry pink tea water, and a vintage styled candy bar complete with large pink swirled lollipops, marshmallows and candies from Sweet Events, and the table set with quirky fork place-card holders. The team incorporated more glam and texture through faux fur, rosette print throws, and a eucalyptus swag by Floral Design by Lili. The brooch bouquets were handmade by Vintage Lizy and featured  in the silver tea pots in lieu of fresh flowers alongside a three-tiered silver cupcake tray by Haley’s Cakes. The end result had a touch of chic and glam, playful yet elegant. Sarah and Brandon, the model couple, are newlyweds of seven months.  Sarah wore her original wedding dress, a lace mermaid gown that accented her figure beautifully and looked perfect with the brooch bouquet, and accessories and shoes by Champagne & Lace, and the couple were happy to have some additional wedding photos with a very unique flare. It was a fun shoot for all who were involved!

000147-white-album-weddings-vintagelizy-styled-chapel (2)

Concept and bouquets: Vintagelizy // Photography: White Album Weddings – // Hair and Makeup: Felicia Bromba – Makeup Artist – // Accessories and Shoes: Champagne & Lace – // Nails: CML-Creations –  // Candy Bar: Sweet Events – // Cupcakes: Haley’s Cakes – // Swag: Floral Design By Lili - // Bride & Groom: Sarah & Brandon

white album weddings, ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS - RAIN - GASTOWN - VANCOUVER_008900497wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00005wedding-s-t00020wedding-s-t00012wedding-s-t00046wedding-s-t00062wedding-s-t00058wedding-s-t00070wedding-s-t A00076wedding-s-t00078wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00080wedding-s-t00091wedding-s-t00094wedding-s-t00103wedding-s-t00097wedding-s-t00464wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00105wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00134wedding-s-t00143wedding-s-t00148wedding-s-t00169wedding-s-t00163wedding-s-t00200wedding-s-t00201wedding-s-t00218wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00223wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00229wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00248wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00310wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00317wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00304wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00303wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00243wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00320wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00327wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00338wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00360wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00367wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00371wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00373wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00378wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00383wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00384wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00462wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00405wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00402wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00414wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00421wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00441wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00453wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00456wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00457wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00458wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00001wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00575wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00466wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00491wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00234wedding-s-t00493wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00002wedding-s-t00501wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00506wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00513wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00507wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00523wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00543wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00560wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00581wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00587wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE00602wedding-FRASER-RIVER-LODGE

We are happy to have been a part of S + T’s wedding this summer at the Fraser River Lodge in Agassiz as they celebrated their day surrounded by their friends and family and promised vows to each other with an incredible view of majestic snow-capped mountains. After having experienced our rainiest engagement session to date with T + S we were all thrilled to leave our umbrellas at home and see the sun shining on the day of the wedding.  Hair and makeup for Sass and the bridesmaids was done by Alejandra ( and the day was coordinated flawlessly with the help of Wendy, the amazing coordinator at the Lodge.  To see their (wet and rainy and fun!) engagement photos CLICK HERE.


Old Hollywood Darling!

So pleased to share this inspirational collaboration featured today on The Pretty Blog!  “There is no denying the striking effect of Old Hollywood inspiration. For the girl who loves a little more sparkle and glamour – this is the inspiration for you!” Visit THE PRETTY BLOG.

Venue: Rowena’s Inn on the River, Bridal Dresses: Truvelle, Bridal Accessories: Powder Blue Bijoux, Make-up & Hair: Felicia Bromba, Vintage Furniture and Accessories: Spruce Collective, Floral Decor: Deborah Lee Design, Set Styling: Deborah Lee Design and Michelle Horsman, Linens: Valley Weddings, Model: Lucie (Charles Stuart International Models), Cake: Kick Ass Cakes, Photographer: White Album Weddings, Concept by Felicia Bromba and White Album Weddings

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Vancouver Makeup and Hair artist Felicia Bromba and White Album Weddings photographer Elizabeth Kowal came together to create an inspirational bridal photo shoot inspired by the classic elegance of old Hollywood. Together, with a group of creatives they created a feeling of bold bridal luxury. Bringing together a new twist on modern elegance and vintage flair, with a touch of marsala and complemented by a rich color palette of deep oranges and reds.

Rowena’s Inn on the River’s idyllic surroundings became the perfect setting with it’s English-style manor nestled along a private waterfront, and Gatsby-esque glamor; complete with a large formal dining space, classically designed furniture pieces throughout, and a natural stone wood-burning fireplace.

The elegant wedding gowns by Truvelle feature plunging necklines, with open sides and striking back detail; showcasing draping chiffon, flowing effortlessly from the waist to the floor, beautifully finished with a silk bow. Paired with jewelry designed and created by Powder Blue Bijoux for an added touch of luxury sparkle, fit for any bride looking to a make a statement. The final touch to bring together this glamorous inspirational shoot is the perfectly elegant makeup and hairstyling; showcasing soft vintage pin curls for a classic, elegant, and polished bridal hair design complimented with a stunning and bold burgundy lip color to complement the harmonious and sophisticated bridal makeup application.

The two bridal bouquets were created by Deborah Lee Designs. Red and orange-toned floral accents sit atop gold linen tablecloths, bringing together an opulent, visual showcase of rare gold rimmed plate settings and antique silverware and décor items and furniture from Spruce Collective Vintage Rentals.


Venue: Rowena’s Inn on the River, Bridal Dresses: Truvelle, Bridal Accessories: Powder Blue Bijoux, Make-up & Hair: Felicia Bromba, Vintage Furniture and Accessories: Spruce Collective, Floral Decor: Deborah Lee Design, Set Styling: Deborah Lee Design and Michelle Horsman, Linens: Valley Weddings, Model: Lucie (Charles Stuart International Models), Cake: Kick Ass Cakes, Photographer: White Album Weddings, Concept by Felicia Bromba and White Album Weddings