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Ruby | Birth + Newborn Photographer

To me there is no other moment so incredible as a new birth.  It was an honour and pleasure to be asked to be a part of the birth of R’s fourth baby.  I was there to photograph her last labour and the birth of Jake so I was thrilled to be back to document Ruby’s entrance into this beautiful family.  There is so much love awaiting this little precious girl!


“Oh, what an incredible gift, this precious life.”


Note: The images in this video are emotional and real, and I think also beautiful and tasteful, but if you are nervous around the idea of birth then you may want to skip this video. You can see the high res version here.

To see the story of Jake’s birth see here.

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Some of my favourite images…the first few taken seconds after Ruby’s birth.

Chilliwack Newborn & Birth Photographer Elizabeth Kowal                                                           ADORE baby |

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