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i walked in the garden …

i saw roses, daisies, bougainvilleas
pagoda and peonies too
and somehow they reminded me of you

the roses reminded me of your lips
how it’s so red and lovely
how it curves whenever your smile along with your eyes
how it separates when you laugh

the daisies reminded me of your eyes
how it slowly blooms beautifully in morning
how lovely when it slowly closes at night
how chatoyant it was when touched by light

the bougainvillea reminded me of your being

how you stood strong despite everything
how you stayed lucent and beautiful
how you let yourself bloom in many colours

the pagoda reminded me of your skin
how it’s yellowish and eternally beautiful
how smooth and soft it was
how selcouth it seems in my retina

the peonies reminded me of your heart
how it’s still exquisite despite of its fragile figure . . .

a poem by kalopsia

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“Kiss me with rain on your eyelashes. . . ” (Edwin Morgan, A Book of Lives)

This is Part 2 of Courney + Dan’s engagement session.  During our first attempt we got rained out in the first few minutes.  By rained out, I mean torrential rain!  We  got wet still managed to get some pretty cool photos (scroll to the bottom to see them) but we decided to finish the session another day.  The weather was perfect for our second attempt!

To see more from this session  CLICK HERE
Part 1
It was barely five or at most ten minutes into C + D’s engagement session that the rain started.  And it didn’t let up, instead it rained harder and harder.  We ran and found shelter under the old stairs of the closest building and took these photos.  There is something so romantic about rain and getting a little wet (or a lot!) was worth it.

Chilliwack/Fraser Valley engagement photographers.  Rainy day engagement session.  Wildflower garden summer engagement session.

 “Some people come into our lives and quickly go.

Some stay for a while, leave footprints on our hearts,

and we are never, ever the same.”

Flavia Weedn


CHILLIWACK PORTRAITS-18IMG_5928IMG_5931IMG_5841IMG_5870IMG_6153CHILLIWACK PORTRAITS-12 Chilliwack photographer Elizabeth Kowal.  Session on location.

Here’s a few photos of Emily from her session a few weeks ago.  She made the ivy wreath herself (she wore one for her wedding too) and we chose this location because the garden is one of the places where Emily feels most happy and most at peace.

Emily and I go a long way back!  The first time I met Emily she was just tiny and I was old enough to babysit her and her baby sister. Those are my first memories of Emily.

Emily’s family and ours lived in a remote northern community in a spectacular valley named Bella Coola.  We were next door neighbours.  Emily’s family moved first and then we went our own way and our families lost touch until one day I happened to find her photography blog.  What a huge coincidence that years later we were both living in the same city and shared the same interest in photography!

When we met again in person a year ago we had an instant connection and many shared memories.  It’s been so great to reconnect with her family and catch up on all the years in between our meeting.

At the end of her session Emily asked me to photograph her with a necklace which holds a lot of meaning for her. I will always be grateful that she was willing to share those intimate moments with me. It means a lot to me. Thank you Emily.

Some of the photos are personal so I won’t post them here but these are some of my favourites from the rest of her session.

Emily’s website |     Join Emily’s facebook page

Check out her work here and some photos of me by Emily!

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