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What to wear | headshots

HOW TO PREPARE for your headshots.  For the modern entrepreneur + creatives.                 

A headshot helps you communicate what you do so keep that in mind when selecting your clothes for the session.  Your choice for an actor’s headshot will be different than for corporate headshots.

Business  and creative headshots are everywhere – linkedin, personal and professional websites, tumblr, facebook, print magazines.  Professional headshots will help you give your best  first impression to connect you with the clients you want to attract.

For your Session plan to wear comfortable clothes that fit you well. Bright or mid-tone colours that are darker than your skin tone are your best choice to bring attention to your face. In general you will want to avoid logos, solid white or tops in flesh tones as they will blend your skin into your clothes.  Choose a flattering neckline that will draw attention to your face.  Longer sleeves can also more flattering than shorter sleeves especially if you are sensitive about your arms.  Feel free to bring a couple of outfits if you are unsure what to wear. Any clothes you choose should be well ironed and free of “pilling” which will show in your final photos.

Most important, wear something that makes you feel good! You want to be relaxed and comfortable during your session. Wearing something that makes you feel your best will help you relax and enjoy the whole experience!


INSPIRATION – What to Wear Inspiration on PINTEREST.


Here is a sample of a casual relaxed session . - photographer - studio - headshots - - photographer - studio - headshots - beauty_0122